Creating Healthy Meal Plans LIKE A BOSS

Step two towards a healthy life: Cooking up your delicious grocery items you just bought!

The chance that you’re already aware of the fantastic benefits of creating healthy meal plans is very high. If you don’t already know, meal planning is the process of creating healthy eating habits through scheduling.

When you meal plan, you’re scheduling a week’s worth meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), according to your dietary needs. You’re also eliminating the annoying “What’s for dinner?” stress. We meal plan regularly and can happily tell you that it’s been working out great for us!

Prepping + Storing Tips

Here are a couple of prepping + storing tips we’ve picked up along the way when planning our weeks out:

  • Prepping: Stick with a couple of go-to meals whose proteins / main ingredients can be switched out easily - ie. roasted veggies, ground beef (or, if you’re vegan / vegetarian, meatless ground beef), etc.
  • Storing: If you can, choose high quality, glass containers that come with lids which are leak-proof and airtight. We recommend glass containers for food storage because of the flexibility you have regarding reheating your meal quickly (aka. nobody wants melted plastic tupperware in their food). If you’re NOT reheating your meal or are simply storing smaller items like pills or vitamins, plastic is totally fine! BTW. Have you checked out YOR Health’s capsule container? It’s a lifesaver.

Our Meal Planner

We use this meal planner to map out our weeks and grocery list. Try it out!

We also have a separate supplement planner for days and in case you needed a few hints about what to purchase, here’s our post about compiling the perfect grocery list!